Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives


LASC is the leading learner-centered school highly recognized for its well-rounded lifelong learners and for its excellent people, programs and learning environment.


LASC is committed to inspire and motivate its students to achieve the necessary learning to become successful individuals that are able to make a positive change to our society.


Uphold the integrity of the universal institution of the Pre-Elementary, Elementary and Secondary learning and adapting it to ideal needs of the present Philippine society, namely, physical, mental, emotional, and social aspects of human life.


  • To achieve Academic Excellence in Basic Education to develop individuals who are productive, competitive & responsive to the demands of the time.
  • To develop love for independent work and creativity, encouraging the students to exhibit and show both academic and non academic talents along the line of special study.
  • To promote to the students social values such as honesty, cleanliness, courtesy, helpfulness, cooperation, obedience and punctuality.
  • To enable each student to develop and learn according to his/her growth pattern and rate
  • To provide the students opportunities to participate in inter-cultural experiences, making them aware of the cultural aspects of our country.
  • To help each student to establish a pattern of success and self-motivation.
  • To keep parents/guardians constantly informed of student’s social and academic progress by use of notes, individual academic reports, conferences, meetings and individual class activities.
  • To integrate the various DepEd and government thrusts in various activities.


Care for the Self
Care for the Family
Care for the Society
Care for the Environment
Care for the Country & the World
Care for One’s Beliefs

Core Values