A Brief History

Little Angel Study Center, founded in 1977, was an ambitious endeavor of its primary mentor, Mrs. Julita A. Fiel.

Her vision was to put up a specialized preparatory school where children will develop their potentials to the fullest and so started a dream, a vision, and its fulfillment.

The establishment of the school was also the forging of one great friendship between Mrs. Julita A. Fiel, Mrs. Ofelia M. Garcia, Mr. Romeo P. Garcia and the late Mr. Henry Fiel.  Mr. and Mrs. Garcia supported Mrs. Fiel’s endeavor and opted to venture into what others would consider a gamble.  The couple decided to rent an old wooden house at 3rd St. to start a two-room preparatory school.

LASC’s first year was a SUCCESS as 80 pupils trooped to fill the classrooms.  The classes were divided into three sessions under Mrs. Fiel as its sole mentor.  During this time, Mr. Tito Garcia managed the financial aspect acting as registrar and cashier. He was also the total handyman, taking care of the maintenance and janitorial jobs.  Mr. Tito Garcia, who stayed with the institution until 1994, witnessed the school reap the fruits of its arduous labor for Quality Education.

Through word of mouth, the school’s population continued to grow.  On its second year, June 1978, LASC welcomed Mrs. Evelyn A. Angue.  Eventually, Mrs. Angue would help strengthen the school’s foundation and continue teaching up to the present.  The increase of pupil population saw the arrival of formidable teachers such as Mrs. Vilma Rodejo, Mrs. Evelyn Cao and Mrs. Roma Cruz-Leaño the following year.  In 1983, Mr. Ernesto Chavez, known as the school’s dearest Kuya Erning, joined LASC as one of the school maintenance staff.

In 1994, LASC acquired a nearby house which became it’s annex school to accommodate the first batch of grade one classes under Mrs. Ofelia M. Garcia.  It was during this year that Mrs. Ofelia Garcia joined LASC’s teaching force after resigning from Columban College where she taught for 26 years.  Also during this year, Mrs. Rowena Moral, Mrs. Marites Pangilinan, Mrs. Amelita Mamangun and Ms. Ma. Cecilia Arandia joined LASC’s Faculty.

The years that followed saw the start of the fulfillment of LASC’s mission, vision and goal.  The continuous growth of the school’s population pressed the need for more teachers; hardworking and dedicated men and women to continue help write the history of LASC.  Mr. Amadeo M. Limpin, the first LASC school Principal, the late Ms. Teresita Martinez, the school cashier and Ms. Jennifer De Leon joined the teaching staff.  New teachers were hired from 1995, 1996, 1997 up to the present academic year.

A six story building now stands in what was once an OLD WOODEN HOUSE.  Construction of the school building started in 1996 with Engr. Redante Soliman, who built Phase I; Engr. Benjamin Reyes, who built Phase II and Phase III under the supervision of Mr. Romeo P. Garcia, the school president.

Mr. and Mrs. Garcia, whose ideals and visions of molding productive citizens out of LASC graduates, continue to work to meet the needs of the pupils.  Piano and voice lessons are offered to interested pupils.  Computer lessons are also integrated within the curriculum.  The High School Department’s First Year and Second Year were offered in AY: 2001-2002, Third Year during the AY: 2002-2003 and the Fourth Year in AY: 2003-2004.  The first BATCH of graduates in the Secondary level graduated last March 27, 2004 with 18 students, composed of 3 girls and 15 boys.  Last April 30, 2004, the Government Recognition for High School was issued by the Department of Education, Regional Office Region III, Maimpis, San Fernando City Pampanga.

In 2006, the LASC Annex Building was constructed.  It is a four-storey building that stands between 2nd St. and 3rd St. West Tapinac.  It is occupied by the Pre-Elementary and High School Department. The four rooms in the ground floor is utilized by the Pre-Elementary Department (Nursery, Kinder I-II) while the upper floors are being used by the High School Department.

Moving forward, the enactment of the R.A. 10533 (The Enhanced Basic Education Act of 2013 or the K-12 act) meant the establishment of a universal Kindergarten and introduction of Grades 11 and 12 to High School education in both private and public schools.  With this, LASC is now offering a K-12 curriculum for Kindergarten 2, Elementary Grades 1 to 6, and Junior High School Grades 7 to 10 and the Academic Track for Senior High School Grades 11 and 12.

True to LASC’s commitment to meeting its goal of providing quality education, the phase 1 construction for the Senior High School Building was finished in 2016. Commencement of phase 2 will soon be under way.

Forty years after, and in the years to follow, LASC will strive to be the leading learner-centered school highly recognized by its globally competitive and holistically developed lifelong learners, and for its excellent people, programs and learning environment.

LASC is committed to inspire and motivate its students to achieve the necessary learning to become successful individuals that are eager to make a positive change to our society.